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"Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly.”

– Tony Robbins

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Why Yoga?  

Welcome to Seas of Compassion Yoga!  I am thrilled you are here!

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unfocused?  Does your body feel tight or your mind seem scattered?

I've been there.  I can help.

  One thing that I love to presence students to is that when life feels too busy and schedules seem to be crammed with obligation, that is our inner signal to slow down.  I suggest rather than powering through your to-do list, you slow down and listen to your breath, feel your body and witness what you are being told.

20 years ago I discovered "The Poetry of the Body" by Rodney Yee while studying at Penn State University.  I have always been a body in motion, dancing and practicing gymnastics for 12 years and as a result, the asanas or poses in yoga felt right at home to me.  My practice began there in Happy Valley in 2000.   It wasn't until I realized the abilities I would later find to calm myself, focus my awareness, and tap into an inner strength that I decided to study yoga in depth.  Since 2013 I have had the honor and privilege of studying with some of the top instructors in yoga from Barron Baptiste, Colleen Saidman Yee to Chris Loebsack, Corinne Farrell, and Dan Nevins.  My disciplines are intentionally wide-spread  in order to meet the needs of an ever-evolving student population and include trauma-informed yoga, kids yoga, power, restorative, and yin yoga, beginner's yoga, paddleboard yoga, meditation and pranayama.  Currently I hold over 1200 hours of teaching experience and within every single one of those hours, I have learned from my students.  

I have taken careful time to create a placid sanctuary to offer a space for ease of mind and balance of the senses. It is my hope that every student that walks through the door feels welcome and free to explore strengths and vulnerabilities.  Yoga teaches us that we are stronger than we ever thought possible.  Yoga humbles us and teaches us how to look within for that which we have been seeking all along.  


 Seas of Compassion Yoga is a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, self-care, encouragement, empowerment, and building up.  I hope that you’ll find joy in your practice and peace in your life as you practice here.   

As you grow, it’s my dearest wish that you share your love and light with the world around you. 

In Love and Gratitude,

Amanda Kester, RYT 500, YACEP

Founder, Educator, Seas of Compassion Yoga

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After a grueling week of volleyball preseason in 2016, Amanda and her skills were exactly what the doctor ordered!  Amanda’s professionalism, talents, and instant connection with the girls are bringing her back by popular demand for this year’s preseason.  The session is a GREAT team bonding exercise that both recovers and relaxes the athletes while teaching them the importance of complimenting strength with balance.  Sessions with Amanda are an excellent addition to any athletic program!

- Missy 


Amanda is a wonderful Yoga instruction who believes in helping others find a place of inner peace.  Not only does she teach the techniques of Yoga to all ages including family Yoga, but she also asks students to explore the road blocks in their life that leads to stress, tension and the inability to focus.  While in quarantine, Amanda graciously offered free FB Live Yoga and helped high school students to meet Gym criteria.  We will be forever grateful for her participation of “happiness” for our community!

- Leona 

Private Student

My son, Sam, is 8 years old and a competitive golfer. Her work
with Sam has been life changing. Not only has she helped him improve his physical strength, 
self confidence, focus and clarity as well as improved his anxiety
both on and off of the golf course. He has also been a better performer academically in
school.  Amanda has a special way of teaching confidence and allowing her yogis to work at
their own pace as well. She is amazing and and has a true gift.

- Amanda 

Private Student

I have been practicing yoga at Seas of Compassion for  months. I am 61 years old. I am grateful to Amanda, the owner and instructor for all she has taught me. This is a comfortable and compassionate studio!

- Jean 

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