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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether this is your first or 1,938th yoga class, you may have questions.

What is yoga, anyway?

As I see it, yoga is devoted time to connection with yourself, with others, with nature, with what bids you to ask the question ~ what is it that I seek?  The more you wonder, the more wonderous your life becomes.

What do I wear?

What makes you comfortable.  Keep it simple and remember that movement is our method.  I prefer clothing that is close to my skin so that I don't get tripped up in extra fabric.  If you are coming for Restorative Yoga, you'll want to dress comfortably, think loose and cozy.  Also bring a shawl or cardigan to keep you warm as the body temperature tends to lower during rest.  If you're attending a Paddleboard Yoga class, prepare for water.  You may get wet, so moisture-wicking fabric is helpful.  If you are attending an Aerial Yoga class, long sleeves and leggings work best to protect your skin and allow you to glide on the fabric.  

What if I'm nervous and uncomfortable in front of others?

You can always work with me one on one, private lessons develop students' abilities and confidences.  REMEMBER, we all are beginners when we want to grow and know that you're not alone.  I hone an inclusive environment and it's important to me that you feel seen and heard.  Perhaps bring a friend or family member to class!  

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