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The practice of Restorative Yoga is a state of resting in yoga poses.  We achieve this with the use of props to support the body in seated and lying down poses.  Restorative Yoga focuses on unraveling the stresses of day-to-day life; both on your body and mind.  In active poses, we work the body and challenge the mind.  In passive poses, (assisted and requiring little to no work of the body)since they are held longer, they have the ability to work on a deeper level of our body's systems.  Some of the known benefits of this practice are:  a reduction of heart disease ~ as it lowers cortisol levels (stress hormone), which help fight obesity, lower blood pressure levels, and glucose levels, an increase in hormonal balance for women during pregnancy or menopause, for instance.  Restorative Yoga relieves anxiety, has been known to ease migraines, fight illnesses such as the common cold and the flu, and finally, sleep ~ relaxation of the mind and body leads to deeper, more restful sleep.  More rest = more energy.  Think soft lighting, aromatherapy, and soothing sounds.  You will thank yourself for taking time for this practice.

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