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Welcome Autumn, Old Friend.

The smell of a campfire, your favorite fuzzy sweater, the fragrance of pumpkin and apple cider surround you and your senses tell you instantly it is Autumn. Sometimes we only see lacking in the latter months as daylight is swallowed by twilight and sun seems to hide from us. What if though we were to look at the months of Autumn and Winter as the invitation of an old friend? He comes in and you invite him to sit his favorite comfy chair and cover his legs with your softest throw. By the roar of the fireside, he tells you in the utmost comfort tales of where he had been and who he had seen, how he feels and what he hopes for. That familiar sense of listening peaks your ear and you settle into an ease that you carry along beside you day in and day out.

Autumn offers us something that the bright, warm days of Summer do not, an invitation to dwell within. Not only indoors but inward. In the weeks of Spring and Summer we embody the external, radiating energy of the sun, the freedom in our bodies in movement just as the toasty air breezes by us. In the dim weeks of Fall and Winter, we can cocoon ourselves and wrap in warmth of internal exploration and remember how good it feels to foster our inner selves, our true selves as we delve deeply into our meditation practice. Sitting still once again with yourself, your old friend, you return to the comfort of who you are under the surface of the body, who you are meant to be when you come from true love and creativity. Invite your old friend back in, have a seat by the fireside and let the stories unfold, tap back into your intuition and live authentically.

If you've never tried meditation, have I got some magic to send your way! Please come in and wrap up in my comfiest blanket; join us Monday nights for Yoga Flow. I offer a meditation experience every session. Yoga may not be able to fix problems in your life, but it can help you learn how to feel better, breath by breath. xoxo

If you'd like to set up something more personal, I invite you for a private session. Reach out. I can't wait to hear from you!

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